Yo hardware people: Is there such thing as a laptop that explicitly has long term support and will be manufactured for a while? Or is that basically just not a thing?


@cyplo @mntmn Oh interesting. That's a good idea. I'll shoot them an email.

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@cyplo @badtuple I don't think @PINE64 wants the Pinebook used in this way, Pinebooks are cheap because PINE64 sells them at cost to benefit ARM/Linux research. Since it is basically beta-ish hardware it probably won't have longterm support

Two for-profit Linux OEM's that may have products they designate LTS are:


but you'll probably have to contact customer support to find out what they are

@badtuple in general Dell, Lenovo, and all the other OEM's sell business laptops that companies can plan to buy in bulk for long periods of time. Since the primary customer for these products are large companies they may be hard to find by just browsing their sites. Contacting their customer support via their site chats or email is probably going to be the fastest way to find the answer... but I'm guessing you posted here to avoid that X)

@davidhanzlik Good to know! I wasn't trying to avoid it...just after some light googling came up short I figured I'd ask the fediverse in addition to researching since it seems like something y'all would know about!

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