Hey / fedi, I know there must be hundreds of these but I'm having trouble finding them:

Anyone know a simple log visualizer where if my app logs metrics out in a certain format I can just scp down the log file and see pretty graphs about what's happening? I don't wanna go full APM or run an ingest server or use a SaaS or anything....just want the option to see spikes if I'm looking into something.

I have no idea why this is hard to find. This has to be super common.

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@epilys Oh nice! Yeah, that's pretty much the idea. The only thing is that I can't create my own charts and need to use theirs...but I should be able to fork theirs and add my custom stuff.


@epilys @badtuple

Looks like a fun toy. I will look at this for work this week.

@badtuple I used to use to create "visual logs" when Nagios/Icinga, cacti, Monitorix were too "heavy" for an application.

Now I just craft my own MRTG by hand to graph exactly what I'm interested in surveying, (though decades of working with RRDB does help.)

I haven't tried but it seems like another option if you don't want to get into proper SNMP.

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