eating chunky peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon at 4am cause I'm classy(tm)

I finally watched the I love it video and how gay am I that I wish I could pull off her outfit?

I want all the pumpkin flavored things but also it's going to be 95F until October .... we just finally started getting lows around 68F

Guess who just woke up after like 12 hours ... it me .. and it's already 4pm

ya know when you shouldn't eat acidic foods and carbonated drinks hate you and you're kinda lactose intolerant but you eat half the pizza and drink all the soda anyway ... and somehow it's better than having no pizza?

"Ah you there, cute stranger, could you perhaps show me the way to the trāsh"

Beer is like bacon:

If you like it, it's enjoyable to have some.
Sometimes you have some and want some more.
You know you probably shouldn't but you do anyway sometimes.
And then you realize you probably shouldn't have but too late.

I kinda want to do twitch streams lately but i'm nowhere near entertaining and I wouldn't be able to have five things playing video at once to keep my add brain satisfied....

Boost if ur a dingo eating a dead shark on the beach, fave if ur a shark being eaten by a dingo.

*Starts to feel depressed and feels the color and life draining out of the world* Ohhh yeah, thats the good stuff right there

I know these are dark times but The Good Place Season 3 starts on Sept. 27 and so I am holding on till then. Also Steven Universe will eventually come back, right? RIGHT??? Anyway that's pretty much what gets me up in the morning, besides my love of breakfast.

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