@maloki you want me to explain why I use images of dough for DoH ? Just read this toot out loud and you'll understand! =)

@bagder what if I'm blind and can't see your image? And I get info that there's an image there but I do not get told what's on the image by you?

@maloki the image isn't important for the content so you wouldn't miss out anything. It's just a silly visual. Of dough.

@bagder being new to the platform you may not be aware that images have the option to add a description to them. I am personally connected to many folks who have sight issues and they would greatly appreciate having a description added to any image used. Sometime I forget, but I try to add them as a matter of increased enjoyment for these folks, and often as another layer for comedy for the rest of folks.


@zyx @bagder @maloki
I personally get help from mastodon.social/@alt_text who toot me to remind me. Then I can 'delete and redraft' to easily edit+post again. :3

@bagder Funny title, and I somehow read this first as "Department of Homeland Security support comes to curl" in light of the visa news.

Great article!

Could do without the snarky response to disability advocates.

Excited about the functionality, and further dismantling the Internet of Surveillance.

@_cr0_tab it's not snark when you genuinely don't understand the point...

@bagder @_cr0_tab if you don’t understand the need for an image description, perhaps you shouldn’t add the image :)

Don’t you think people that can’t see the image for whatever reason (images turned off, bad connection, failed to load, perhaps they’re visually impaired) would appreciate the joke/pun? Adding alt text is relatively easy and quick to do.

Please, for you next image, add some al text 👌🏼

Aight, I won't dog pile anymore as I feel the points been made by enough voices, and I'm just an internet rando, not a cop

I really do appreciate the article, and look forward to more content.

@bagder thank you for the interesting post! I particularly enjoyed the single word final section heading. 😁

@bagder So, I guess cURL has been gluten free until now. 😉

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