Great article!

Could do without the snarky response to disability advocates.

Excited about the functionality, and further dismantling the Internet of Surveillance.


@_cr0_tab it's not snark when you genuinely don't understand the point...

@bagder @_cr0_tab if you don’t understand the need for an image description, perhaps you shouldn’t add the image :)

Don’t you think people that can’t see the image for whatever reason (images turned off, bad connection, failed to load, perhaps they’re visually impaired) would appreciate the joke/pun? Adding alt text is relatively easy and quick to do.

Please, for you next image, add some al text 👌🏼

Aight, I won't dog pile anymore as I feel the points been made by enough voices, and I'm just an internet rando, not a cop

I really do appreciate the article, and look forward to more content.

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