@bagder maybe in 2012 I would have been a little more forgving

@pagrus true... but to me that is a much lesser offence! 😀

@bagder I guess I think that putting code on a billboard is just kind of ridiculous to begin with, so I'm not terribly surprised that it's nonsense

@bagder Anyway, cURL is great and I use it all the time. I am a huge fan of ranges in urls, it is so useful.

Thank you

@bagder I'm angry that they used curl instead of grep, because even the parameters are grep-style.

@madmaurice hah, yeah, I think it was just a big case of not having any clue... =)

@bagder Sorry, it took me a day to realize that you develop curl. 🙈 😅 Let me rephrase my anger: I am angry they didn't use more curl-style command line arguments! 😁

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