@bagder Did they contact you before deciding to develop this? I don't understand why they do not use that man power in libcurl, instead of adding a random r in the middle to create a new project.

The official reason written in the ticket is to “take advantage of the utility of the Chrome Network Stack”.

To Google it’s a matter of control. They just need the interface of curl because people are familiar with it but they want to have total control over how it’s implemented.

@bagder I wonder if it's NIH syndrome from Google.

@szbalint @bagder
Someone at google wanted a promotion, IIRC the only way to get promotions at google is to make new shit, hence why they have 5 chat apps.

@bagder If curl_easy_setopt takes 268 options, I hate to think what the hard version is like 😉

@bagder your positive attitude about this development is laudable but personally I think Google should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

@bagder no worries, i hear the G+CURL product is already planning on shutting down and leaving users high & dry. :)

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