"The command line options we deserve" - Why curl has so many options, why we can't change them and there will be more in the future. Should we add a (G)UI?

@bagder A little TUI could be very nice to compose a complete curl command and (re)launch it.

@bagder something like an interactive text UI with something like a menu tree or set of toggles for options and the ability to iteratively refine requests (plus import / export command strings) could be pretty neat.

@bagder Considering that curl -K xxx already exists, that photo is just someone not good with reading manuals.

@pro @bagder good point, but with -K one has to ship two snippets, with the command line invocation (unless it's doing POST from a file etc.) only one.

@saper @bagder Of course if you prefer (in a shipping snippet, for example) the command line arguments are still available. All I'm saying it's not necessary to type all that stuff where your editing and macro capabilities are limited.

@pro that image is just made up from two real-life generated command lines. Firefox made one, Chrome made the other...

> The curl command line has become a web request interchange language!


@bagder as one of the people that wrote an Emacs-based client for Oddmuse wiki using nothing but curl to prove that the wikis requests and parameters can be used as an API – thank you! I like curl just the way it is. 😄

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