help curl: the user survey 2020 - please run over and fill in your views. We need them! It'll only take you a few minutes.

@bagder hmm, a bit sad to see google forms, you do know there are alternatives, right?

There's Framaform from the mighty @Framasoft :

I also recall using a WordPress plugin for that Ninja Forms or something, once.

Admittedly they aren't as easy to commit to.

@mmu_man @Framasoft That's in ... french only? And no, I don't know of any alternatives that are even close in functionality and price.

@bagder @Framasoft yeah I think Framaforms is French only for now.

As for Ninja Form I used it once long ago:

But yeah, sadly free-as-in-paid-by-your-data is still more usable for now.


Surely the Only True Way to fill out a #curl survey is by doing a curl -d

Just give us the POST URL.

@mmu_man @Framasoft

@mmu_man faut vraiment que j'installe un serveur gopher. J'ai vu que Hugo pouvait générer les fichiers nécessaires en parallèle des pages html statiques.
L'avenir du web : rss et gopher ✊

@bachir @mmu_man Il y a cet article qui explique comment générer un site Gopher via Hugo :

Je n'ai pas encore franchi le pas car ça m'obligerait à modifier tous mes articles antérieurs. Une solution intermédiaire pourrait être de spécifier "outputs : - gopher" dans l'en-tête des seuls textes à publier sur Gopher.

@bagder Nice OS list, but thanks for leaving the "other" option, had to add #HaikuOS 😄

Also, #NetSurf users will have to add #RiscOS #AmigaOS or #MiNT (not the GNU/Linux distro)… 😉

#IRIX #NetBSD #OpenBSD cc @ky0ko

@mmu_man @bagder its basically impossible to build it for classic mac os now because the support library libcurl depends on for that no longer exists

Doesn't Haiku classify as "Another Unix" or does that mean literal Unixes rather than *nixes?
@bagder @ky0ko

No, just like BeOS never pretended to be a Unix. Just POSIX enough.

@ky0ko @bagder

@DHeadshot @mmu_man @bagder haiku is not unix based

it has a posix compatibility layer and can run bash, but it is absolutely not unix or unix-like

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