This is how I git - a peek behind the curtains of my every day git use when doing curl development.

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@bagder At first I thought the picture represented what it feels like to use Git.

I realise my mistake, but I still want to share that in my case it feels more like this:

@loke 😀 I enjoyed finding and using that old photo of mine since yes, I think it is a pretty apt analogue to using git...

@loke @bagder

This picture and pattern perfectly illustrates me and my git usage:

1. commit commit commit
2. squash squash squash
3. rebase rebase rebase
4. reset soft reset soft
5. squash squash squash


Interesting, thanks. It's rather similar to my own workflow, down to the bash prompt and autocomplete (out of the box in @opensuse).

The only major differences being, I think, in my use of a "dev" branch before master and merges being done via git merge --no-ff. And #GitLab for project management.

I'm not a developer as such, so good to have a data point on the scalability of this approach. 👍

@bagder this is a better practical article about using git day to day than almost any other I've read so far. I'll be sending this around to some groups at $DAY_JOB tomorrow. Thank you!!

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