@bagder I was an 80-column user for a very long time. I set all my terminals and Emacs windows to 80 columns. That changed some number of years ago. It wasn't a concious decision. I just started writing longer lines because I was annoyed by the way I had to break them.

I'm not posting this to start an argument. I guess I just want to talk about code style. I guess that topic for developers is like discussing the weather for Swedes.

I think it all depends on programming language. I do a lot of Lisp programming, and long symbol names are common in Lisp. I just went to my Emacs session and found this line. It'd be hard to break it without the result being more unreadable: github.com/lokedhs/maxima-clie

@loke sure language, environment and personal preferences all contribute to what you think is right and what works. I'm not saying what everyone should do. I'm describing why I stick to narrow code.

@bagder I have a solution. Let's all use assembler. Then narrow code won't be a problem.

@loke @bagder

I'm using 80 columns because that fits nicely in 2 horizontally arranged buffers on a small (laptop) monitor and in 4 horizontally arranged buffers on a big monitor at the comfortable font size :-)

That applies to lisp code as well.

@jackdaniel @bagder If I had had this 4k display back when I was using 80-columns, I'd have 7 terminals side-by side 🙂

@loke @bagder

By a big monitor, I've meant 4k display (as I said - four buffers for me :-), when there are two monitors side-by-side, then it is eight of course.

@bagder The PEP8 checks at OpenStack limit the line length under 80 too. But it's easy to do in Python, less easy in C.

@bagder just out of curiosity: you wrote that you won't have full screen terminals but more then one open, do you have them in split pane or even "little" ones next to each other? 🤔

@ShinIce I usually have multiple terminal windows open (each with their own set of tabs)

This basically reflects my stance on 80-column writing (code and other plain-text content).

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