@bagder I'm interested in the list of 77 operating systems and the list of 21 cpu architectures.

@bagder @txt_file feels kinda cheap to not group MacOS, iPadOS, tvOS, iOS into one family.

I'm sure someone out there has compiled curl for WatchOS too

@feld @txt_file I can tell you're not developing for macOS and iOS on this level. They're similar but hardly the same. For watch and TV I can probably agree, but I actually don't know enough personally to judge their differences.

@bagder @txt_file looking through the source right now, the only things you have with e.g., CURL_BUILD_IOS is TLS related, which isn't surprising as they have never needed to support OpenSSL and could use their Secure Transport Library. I admit I haven't cared enough to track the evolution of that framework in detail, but a different flavor of this per each of Apple's OSes doesn't really seem that massive of a difference, just an annoying bunch of ifdefs to manage. :shrug:

Now on the other hand, I am very certain that HardenedBSD doesn't have any custom requirements vs FreeBSD as the kernel mitigations they added wouldn't affect curl... unless you happened to add in a JIT and do W^X or something 🙃

(thanks for years and years of maintaining this crucial tool for everyone)
@bagder @txt_file truly, if anyone wants to see an example of tedious C it's gotta be in lib/vtls/sectransp.c

my heart aches for you, Bagder

@feld @bagder I more surprised that x86 and amd64 are two CPU architectures while {arm,MIPS,SPARC} are not split in 32 and 64 bit architectures.

But as always it is a matter do define if something is the same or different.

@txt_file @bagder they are, people just don't talk about it anymore.

sparc and sparc64

armv6, armv7,etc are distinct architectures, some even have 32bit and 64bit variants.

aarch64 is 64bit and distinct from the rest of the arm family

ppc32 and ppc64 existed
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