@0 All the CI services have their own yaml setup/syntax. Including GitLab.

@wolf480pl @redcepelin @lattera @MacLemon @tykling @dch it is also *more* predictable in many ways since now you KNOW what it will resolve to...

@jcbrand agreed, but imho still miles better than mastodon...

I wish mastodon's web UI did "proper" threading and conversations similar to how tweetdeck works, then I would use it a lot more...

@redcepelin @lattera @MacLemon @tykling @dch there are RFCs, there are standards, there are existing practices to follow. In *my* humble opinion, that's what curl should do.

@tykling @lattera @MacLemon can you folks check if your expectation for how curl would work in practice actually change after the patch in question?

I don't see any difference. Are you misunderstanding where/how the kernel munging is visible? Or do you have a very different jail setup?

github.com/curl/curl/issues/71 would be great if you can add your specific jail setup and if/how it breaks with this patch gist.github.com/dch/6bb2d81372 against latest ports ftp/curl.

@bagder "but will it curl?"

@heimdall I'm very glad to hear. We spend a huge effort on providing good docs!

@wolf480pl people usually don't have social media accounts either until they get one.

I often speak about the perils of doing design decisions on my own without feedback. Flogging me on social media is easy - but where were your constructive feedback when I asked for it and discussed it in the proper curl dev forums?

@dch @MacLemon @lattera It's not a IP to host name conversion. It is a name to IP, so how is the subnet relevant?

@liebach it was also a rather rare experiment from me, as I usually never just announce something ONLY on twitter...

Giving away an insane amount of stickers daniel.haxx.se/blog/2021/05/28 - I asked. You responded. I intend to deliver on my promise. This is where we are.

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