This racist/colorist aspect of varna has left no faith untouched in the subcontinent, for instance Ashraf/Ajlaf/Arzal endogamy. Here a mohalla in Muzaffarpur, Bihar with a wall right down the middle of the road to keep apart the Sheikhs and Ansaris.


I've been a journalist for a little over two years now. Four months into my career, I experienced the delight of being sued for defamation by a corporate giant, disowned by my organisation, and eventually pushed out. I have been independent since then.

Thankfully, I was able to find a reasonable arrangement as a freelancer that has made it easier than it could have been.

The offending article can be read here


@bahujansamaj Agree with you.. I am waiting to see this new political formation takes a shape in Maharashtra where BJP and Shiv Sena would be in different camps. This will reduce lots of noise on Hindu-Muslim centric narrative. Communal politics of BJP is basically reinforces manuwad and don't let it die and overshadows other issues.

According to a house painter, whose children study in government schools, the teachers often made statements such as, “Yeh Chuhre-Chamaar ke bache hai, yeh kya padhenge”—How can children of people from Scheduled Caste communities be capable of studying.

Prabhjit Singh reports:

There were OBCs and Dalits who became sevaks, became cannon fodder for generationally priviledged, gave money that got laundered and didn't care about the mass rioting that happened before and after the event.

So please don't drop tears if they will or will not be allowed to enter the temple that may get built.

Atleast your donation money would be saved if one isn't allowed to enter.

Buddhists should demand the restoration of the largest Vihar at Kalra caves and removal of the currently occupying Kalra devi temple.

If Ram is central to Hinduism, is the largest ancient Vihar not important to Buddhists?

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