Awesome! Mocha landed support for running tests in parallel 🏎 Can't wait for the upcoming Mocha release. Thank you @b0neskull for the hard work you put into the pull request!

In a follow-up to my recent screen cast where I showed how to share LoopBack repository code, I wrote a blog post exploring even more options how to structure your repository-related code for reuse. Hint: ES6 class mixins FTW!

So if you want to work around list-style-position being broken for 20 years, do this: hide the standard list counters, use a custom counter, and set it to display in the ::before pseudo-element of your header. That provides the same effect.


ol {
counter-reset: index;

ol li {
counter-increment: index;
list-style-type: none;

ol li h3::before {
content: counter(index) '. ';

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Today I discovered an easy way how to significantly improve performance of LoopBack applications: get rid of slow `uuid/v4` in favor of super fast `hyperid`. Thank you @matteocollina for the great module!

TIL: You can use CTRL+⬅️ and CTRL+➡️ to move to the previous/next word in Bash prompt. To make it work on MacOS, you need to remap "Move left/right a space" in Preferences (Keyboard > Shortcuts > Mission Control).

TIL: You can check which files are part of your TypeScript project by running `tsc -p tsconfig.json --showConfig` and inspecting the `file` property. The listis computed by the compiler from `include` and `exclude` configuration.

Nice! Canon is releasing a beta version of EOS Webcam Utility that allows you to use your camera as a high-quality webcam with your PC or Mac.
Unfortunately, I am long-time Nikon user 😐

TIL: there is an ANSI escape sequence for rendering clickable URLs in a terminal 😮 It's already supported by gnome-terminal and iTerm2 (among others), unfortunately not by Windows Terminal yet.

We are discussing how to improve the documentation for I really like Django's documentation system based on four quadrants (tutorials, how-to guides, reference, explanation).


TIL how to tell TypeScript about event parameters for events implemented in a class inheriting from Node.js core EventEmitter: "declare interface MyClass".

In my next 🎥LoopBack screencast, I am showing how to leverage the concept of Repository Base Class to share bits of data-access functionality between models. Enjoy!

Dnes jsem poprvé poslal balík přes @Zasilkovna (služba Mezi Námi). Až mě úplně zaskočilo, jak rychlé bylo podání zásilky - podstatné rychlejší než na poště. 💪

Today I added Arkener as Coder co-maintainer! Please give him a warm welcome 👋 . Also periodic reminder to make your prolific contributors co-maintainers to ensure continuity of your Open Source project 🤝 cc @pfrenssen

RT QualityFrog: Q: When I was 4, my sister was 2. I am now 44. How old is my sister?

Programmer: 44 - (4 - 2) = 42


Twitter Sync 1.4.0 released! Syncing of retweets and reblogs can be disabled now to only sync your own status updates ♻️❌ . Big thanks to @bajtos for contributing that.

Our journey from a hacky monorepo setup to vanilla TypeScript Project References is coming to completion.
Next step: ensure all files linted by eslint are part of a TS project and get rid of `parserOptions.createDefaultProgram`

My ISP has finally enabled IPv6 support, yay 🎉But I have no idea how to configure IPv6 in my local network, my learning got stuck deep in IPv4 times.

Can you recommend me any good IPv6 tutorial for newbie network administrators?

I wrote an open/free guide for to help other developers.

Can't wait to share it with you! 😁

ES6 class mixins in TypeScript: tsc cannot handle protected/ members when exporting declaration for an anonymous class. When you add a mapped type to strip non-public members, methods are changed to properties and thus cannot be overridden by the mixin 🤦‍♂️

I spent most of the day writing another part of our migration guide for LoopBack component authors. I'm looking forward to get the migration guide finished so that I can again put my coding hat on. Writing is fun, but only for so long.

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