Anketa mezi rodiči v naší škole ukázala, že nadpoloviční většina respondentů považuje vyžadování souběžného testování a nošení ochranných prostředků dýchacích cest za nadbytečné. 🧵👇

On the bright side, I hope the members of the LoopBack community will use this change as an opportunity to grow the involvement with the project, bring fresh ideas and new perspectives unencumbered by the limitations of the past, and make the project fly even higher! 🚀

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All good things have to come to an end, and so the time came for me to close this chapter of my life. Even though I knew for several months this day is coming, I am caught by surprise about the intensity of my emotions today. Sadness, mourning, but also relief and hope.

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It was great to build the framework from the initial 1.0 version back in 2013 to the new TypeScript-based version 4.0, I learned a lot along the way. It was even better to build the community surrounding this project, you are awesome! 🤗

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Leaving a fully remote job is weird. I am missing the small rituals that are making the change easier to process emotionally: shaking hands, saying final good-byes, taking the last walk from the office.

Today is my last day at IBM and that's also the end of my journey with LoopBack. 😢

As the next step on our journey to fully open governance, we are opening up the maintainer nomination process, empowering all maintainers to nominate candidates from our community.

You can learn more about the process in our docs:

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For many years, I was working on making LoopBack more open to contributions from outside of StrongLoop & IBM. We were prioritizing reviews of community-contributed pull requests, inviting active participants to become maintainers with commit rights, etc. 🧵👇

Večerní brouzdání YouTube mě dovedlo k písni z roku 2012, nečekaně aktuální i v roce 2021 😱

Jsme v prdeli, můžem si za to sami.
Jsme v prdeli, zvolili jsme je sami.

Lately, I was thinking a lot about Rust and Golang, which would be better to start learning first. This article explains really well what's similar and what's different.

Uh oh 😲 @npmjs package-lock.json integrity value for git dependencies depends on the architecture (Apple Silicon M1 differs)

“Italian watchdog fines Facebook 7 million euros over improper data use”

It took Facebook a little over 42 minutes to make that much money in 2020.


#SurveillanceCapitalism #regulation #DataProtection #farce

For the first time in years, there is a new leader in Czech parliamentary elections polls! The coalition of Piráti (Greens/EFA) and STAN (EPP) takes the lead with 29.5%. We are really grateful for the support and we continue to work hard for the citizens!

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