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We are discussing how to add HTTP/2 support to LoopBack. Thankfully the HTTP/1 compatibility API provided by Node.js removes most of the concerns about different communication model. Unfortunately TypeScript and `@types/node` makes it quite difficult to get everything right 😒

My first LoopBack screencast 🎥 shows how to upgrade datasource files in your LB4 project from the old JSON-based configuration to the new pure-TypeScript style. Enjoy! 👀

Recoding screencasts on MacBookPro:
- The screen has 16:10 format (1800p)
- FaceTime camera has 16:9 format (720p)
- iMovies supports only 16:9 (720p or 1080p)
- Downscaling screen recording to 720p makes text blurry
- 16:10 screen gets a black border when added to 16:9 video

Any recommendations on how to fine-tune @OBSProject video encoding options to get best results for screencasts showing source code? I am recording on a MacBookPro with a retina display. /cc @alesroubicek

Looks like my setup for reposting all Twitter statuses to Mastodon and all Mastodon posts to Twitter is finally done and working 😅

TIL how to use native ssl.exe from git-bash: just add the following line to your ~/.bash_profile.

export PATH=/c/Windows/System32/OpenSSH:$PATH

In theory, Rust is a great way how to write low-level platform-independent apps in a high-level language with a growing universe of packages to use. In practice, many packages depend on C-based libraries like OpenSSL that are difficult to build on Windows and MUSL, thus you end up fiddling with legacy build tools anyways 🤦‍♂️

Windows has a long way until it provides developer experience I am used to from MacOS. WSL is great for getting Unix-like experience but VSCode remote dev is a bit slow. Then you realize it's all worthless because Docker for Windows cannot mount your src directory in WSL 🤦‍♂️

Our next batch of #Librem #laptops are arriving at our Carlsbad factory soon.

The laptop sale continues to be extremely popular and we will keep the #sale going for a bit after stock arrives!

Get $200 off the Librem 15 and $150 off the Librem 13

"The History of the URL" - a very detailed overview of how URL came to existence and evolved over year. Great long read!

V nadcházejícím rouškovém létě nabývá slovní spojení "nahoře bez" podstatně jiného významu :)

//via Pavel Moravec (a.k.a @piratzbrna)

If your LoopBack 3 project uses an extension that's not on my list and you would like to migrate the extension to LoopBack 4, then please leave us a comment in the GitHub issue. Thanks!

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In the last few days, I reviewed more than a dozen LoopBack 3 extensions built by our amazing community and compiled a list of common techniques used by extensions.
This is the first step on our journey write a LB4 Migration Guide for LB3 extension devs.

I started using @nextcloud to replace #Dropbox. It has gone a long way since then. Now I can replace the whole #Google Suite with it. Enabling office suite just takes a couple of clicks in NC18. 👌 👏

By switching from git-prompt [1] to, I reduced the time to compute my Bash prompt string from ~90ms down to ~35ms. Small improvements matter!


I wrote down few thoughts on implementing tenant isolation in LoopBack 4: Please upvote 👍 the issue if you need this kind of multi-tenancy for your LoopBack 4 project. It will help us to prioritize which features to work on first.

ECMAScript 2020: the final feature set 💪 I am looking forward to see these features available in Node.js out of the box. Maybe 14.0 LTS?

1-on-1 conversations with #Nextcloud Talk are E2E encrypted. With the HPB, larger calls go over your own infra. In no case can anyone listen in!

So take back control over your communication. Host your own #Zoom #Skype #MSTeams!

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