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TIL: @GitHub's syntax highlighter supports http as another programming language 😎

POST /api/products
Accepts: application/json

"name": "Pen",
"price": 4.99

"The transition into Staff Engineer, and its further evolutions like Principal Engineer, remains particularly challenging and undocumented. What are the skills you need to develop to reach Staff Engineer? How do most folks reach this role?"

In the last few days, I am not able to load @twitter in Safari on my MacOS desktop. It looks like there is some timeout when the SPA tries to call Twitter API. Is anybody else experiencing the same issue? Mobile Safari on iPhone works well.

Hezky pěkně! Na mém iPhone s aktuální verzí iOS (13.7) můžu používat COVID-19 trasování i bez čekání na novou verzi eRoušky @RouskaE 👏🎉

If your project is using commitlint and signed-off-by rule, then I have good news for you! My patch fixing the rule to ignore git commit comments (lines starting with #) was landed - see Note: so far, it has been released to npm under "next" tag only.

The new eslint rule "@typescript-eslint/no-implicit-any-catch" is golden! I wish it was around when we started LB4, our error handling would be much more robust.

TIL about Calendar Versioning: a versioning convention based on your project's release calendar, instead of arbitrary numbers.

Starting a new open source library is easy. Attracting community of users is not that difficult too. Ensuring the project will be maintained for as long as it's used, that's much more challenging!

If you are unhappy with an existing library, try to make it better, don't fork.

We are looking for a msgpack implementation for Node.js. So far, we found three packages that look legit and/or popular, but they all seem abandoned :(
Any recommendation on what to use?

A proof-of-concept showing how to intercept LoopBack connector's execute method to implement a retry mechanism:

5 annoying things in VS Code you can fix right now:
1) Move “Find All” To The Bottom 🤔
2) Better New Window Sizing 👏
3) Snippet Suggestions At The Top 🤔
4) GitHub-Style Inline Diffs 👍
5) Disable “Peek” Previews 👌

Remember that code review:

- is better when you come prepared
- is better without tools
- is more mentoring than control
- is not only about bad parts
- is an act of humility
- must be the first priority
- doesn’t tolerate exceptions & abstract judgment

Moje první dojmy z přesunu NerdDinner na EventBrite jsou zatím rozpačité. Do názvu události nejde dát emoji, což jsem zjistil až když text za emoji byl ořezán. Na stránce události není vidět, kolik lidí přijde, a už vůbec ne kdo konkrétně.

graphql-query-generator is a JS module to randomly generate GraphQL queries from a GraphQL schema 💪

V Kořenově sbírají peníze na opravu historické ozubnicové lokomotivy 🚂Přispějte na zachování naší technické historie.

TIL: how to change playback speed in QuickTime on Mac: run the following command from the terminal 🤦‍♂️

osascript -e 'tell application "QuickTime Player" to set rate of document 1 to 1.2'

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