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Looking into jspm and, like Skypack, I can‘t find anything on subresource integrity support. Unless I’m missing something, these new crop of ESM-based CDNs – while they sound great otherwise – are basically backdoors waiting to happen.



Skypack issue:
jspm issue:

Great overview of some of the things you can do with CSS today 💪
- Masonry layout
- The :is selector
- Logical CSS functions for sizing
- Specific responsive units for typography
- Scroll margin
- (and few more)

"Když slyšíte, co chcete slyšet, neznamená to, že vám někdo říká pravdu."

Výborný deep fake od @MarketkaG 👍

Více na 👀

Node.js CommonJS → ESM refactoring cheat sheet.

Update requires to imports:

Find: const (.*?)\s*?=\s*?require\(('.*?')\)

Replace: import $1 from $2

(If you don’t use consts, update search expression to use var, etc.)

Update default exports:

Find: module.exports =
Replace: export default

PS. If you use dynamic requires, remember that dynamic imports return promises / are asynchronous.

Version 4.0 is live on !

The release notes will be available on GitHub shortly.


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„Fakt, že šéf firmy může bez jakékoli kontroly či vyváženosti vypnout prezidentovi USA mikrofon, budí velké rozpaky. Není to jen potvrzením moci těchto platforem, ale také ukazuje velké slabiny způsobu, jímž je naše společnost organizována v digitálním prostoru,“ uvedl v pondělí eurokomisař pro vnitřní trh Thierry Breton.

"We have reached the point where we think that the design draft is good enough, and simple enough, to propose adding it to Go."

So it's finally happening 🎉

DevConf.CZ schedule is Live You can register here:
* 200+ Speakers
* 145+ Talks
* 4 Keynotes
* 16 workshops
* 9 meetups
...all over 3 days

Ongoing discussions regarding Digital Services Act cannot accept thinking out-of-box. Our whole society is trapped in discussions about how to regulate the big, centralized platforms, rather than give the opportunity to expand for decentralized platforms like Mastodon.

`git push --force-if-includes` is the latest attempt to make force pushes less dangerous 👏Time to update my git aliases for 2021.

In 2020 I made over 512+ commits and 207 pull requests towards open-source. I am so grateful for having the privilege to be paid to work on open source projects.

Apple M1 support is coming to @golang 👏

"The upcoming Go 1.16 Beta 1 release and further Go 1.16 releases will have go*.darwin-arm64.pkg installer and go*.darwin-arm64.tar.gz archive files provided at"

Docker Desktop Preview5 runs on Apple M1. That was much faster than I anticipated, based on the initial information provided by the Docker team. Well done! 👏

It happens way too often that posts on social networks get taken down for no apparent reason. Let's change that. The Greens/EFA proposal for Notice and Action would help ensure that illegal content gets taken down while legal stays up.

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