Why the hell was I not informed of this? This is one of the greatest videos I've ever seen. youtube.com/watch?v=U9t-slLl30

I can see many people I know switching back to Ubuntu for their desktop with this announcement. Given how sleek, cool and stable Gnome has looked recently and the general disgruntled reaction to Unity from the beginning, this was inevitable. Tough but good decision overall. insights.ubuntu.com/2017/04/05

It's actually really awesome that Mastodon attracted a shitload of users who largely aren't aware that the underlying GNUSocial platform is old.

You know why?

Because it means we can do this over and over.

Every time someone releases a new implementation with different-looking chrome on top, it can go through its own marketing and media cycle and garner new users. *And the network effect will be cumulative.*

There are times (very few these days) when my pride in my country swells. This being one of those times. (Of course, then I realize we still don't have LGBT marriage laws.) But we're still ahead of the US when it comes to this, which pleases me to no end. scroll.in/latest/833729/let-tr

*Awkward first toot*
Let's get it out of the way and move on to more interesting things, shall we?


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