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Today was Raju's last day at @ShaadiTech@twitter.com. Started his career as an office boy fetching tea, jumped on to html, studied hard, finished his 12th then got a BCA, learnt php, lately been doing React development. No limits. Wish you all the best!

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Hey @reliancejio@twitter.com ,

Is there a single source of truth to check whether Jio Fiber is available at a pin code?

I have registered fiber.jio.com/registration multiple times over last two months and received no communication, at all, even an acknowledgement.

Family members and pets popping into video calls is pretty common @gitlab@twitter.com, and actually encouraged too - about.gitlab.com/handbook/comm.

PS: For example, by now I am good friends with @WarheadsSE@twitter.com 's cat's tail. 馃槀

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Sometimes unexpected breaking news happens while you're reporting breaking news.

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PSA: @gitlab@twitter.com is hosting our first ever user conference in at the Brewery on Oct 9th, and I鈥檝e got a few promo codes for discounted passes. DM me if interested.


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I've started a startup: @subs_hq@twitter.com!
I've written an article about my development experience so far and how to write large Vue apps for web, mobile, desktop, all while sharing common code.
Sign up at launchrock to stay updated subshq.launchrock.com!

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Happy Friday! GitLab will now reimburse candidates if they need financial support to interview for those who need it (Eg. Reimbursement of hourly pay). Thanks @1sunghae@twitter.com and the PeopleOps team for creating and merging gitlab.com/gitlab-com/www-gitl

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1. First language: Basic
2. Had difficulties: JavaScript
3. Most used: Ruby
4. Totally hate: JavaScript
5. Most loved: Python/Ruby
6. For beginners: Python/Ruby

What about you?

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1. First language: Basic/C
2. Had difficulties: Terraform
3. Most used: Go/YAML
4. Totally hate: Go/YAML
5. Most loved: Haskell/Erlang/Rust
6. For beginners: Python

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Apparently, 啻曕淳啻熰祶啻熰祦啻淳啻曕祶啻曕淳嗟 啻曕床嗟嵿疮啻距矗啻 啻曕创啻苦礆嗟嵿礆嗟 啻膏祮啻编祶啻编纯啻侧淳啻纯.. 啻班矗嗟嵿礋嗟 啻纯啻赤祶啻赤祰啻班祶.

(啻嗋揣啻距窗啻: 啻呧串嗟嵿串 啻氞祰啻熰祶啻熰川嗟嵿幢嗟 啻曕祳啻氞祶啻氞纯啻ㄠ祴啻熰祶 啻幢啻祦啻ㄠ祶啻 啻曕触. 啻炧淳啻ㄠ祳啻曕祶啻曕祮 啻氞祮啻编祦啻む淳啻纯啻班祦啻ㄠ祶啻ㄠ椽嗟嵿椽嗟 啻 啻淳啻班祶啻祰啻 啻纯啻赤祶啻赤祰啻班祦啻祳啻ㄠ祶啻ㄠ祦啻 啻囙床嗟嵿床啻距疮啻苦窗嗟佮川嗟嵿川嗟. 啻溹锤嗟嵿幢嗟嵿幢嗟 啻曕淳啻熰祶啻熰祦啻淳啻曕祶啻曕淳嗟)

As much as I love coffee, it never helped me stay awake. Like, at all. Hacking on an interesting problem, or architecting a hobby project did much better job at it.

啻氞纯啻炧祶啻氞祦 啻ㄠ淳啻导. 馃檹

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What are the National Pet Names Of Kerala?
Let's start with Ammu

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Thanks @hackernoon@twitter.com for including us in the !

We're proud to be named The World's Most Productive Remote Team 馃弳馃審鉁 twitter.com/DavidSmooke/status

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Gosh, many feelings about this. But the main one: technology bubbles are very, very badly underrated.

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The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, a famous comedian before assuming office, starts a presentation with this! 馃槀馃槀 Hilarious!!

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I'll be taking a @debian@twitter.com packaging workshop @ieeetravancore@twitter.com hub meet.

Isn't "Don't top-post" a mailing list etiquette anymore? I would've expected that to be held up at least when someone was replying to parts of an earlier message - to quote and reply properly.

Struggling to read mails from libreplanet-discuss. :(

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To all GNU project members past and present. I want to hear from you. Please email me.

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One thing I so want to contribute to @debian@twitter.com, but can't find the time/energy to do is improving the documentation.

PS: I confess, I just use Arch's documentation and figure out myself how to do that in a Debian context.

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