@Huygens Wenn es eine Leertaste gibt dan ist Morse kurzer:
aaaa aA aAaa aAaa AAA

@mouse Interesting, I've always wondered if there was a connection between ketchup and ketjap, or that the similar sound was just a coincidence.

@phooky I don't know about the composer, but I remember seeing this in '84.

@256 I've always hated that split keyboard, almost as awful as the split spacebar which HP introduced in the late nineties, where the left part was acting as a backspace.

@willemswebstek Dat is één van de weinige gevallen waar het gewenst zou zijn.

@willemswebstek Al valt mijn eigen weekend tegen, dan nog gun ik anderen wel een prettig weekend.

@robey I'm afraid "Do you know the average humodity of San José?" wouldn't be catchy as a songlyric.

@phooky Maybe it's my age, but I like Usenet more that Twitter/Mastodon (I don't like Facebook, and I don't bother with the rest)

@hans Zeker, ik ben geen specifiek Porsche-liefhebber, maar ik heb een zwak voor de oudere modellen, tot ca. '70.

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