Time to become familiar with the aluminum cylinder that will be my home for the next 11 hours.

SEA 🛫 ➡️ 🛬 NRT
What's the plural of "Gundam"? Is it like "deer", or just "Gundams?"

now listen up

here's a story

about a little yard that is full of milkshakes

and all day and all night and everything it sees is just


*sits down across from you*
The battle of wits has begun. It ends when you decide and we both drink, and find out who is right... and who is dead.

Doesn't seem like messages from my rebuilt domain are going through. 😒

Today's date (8102018) is a palindrome and it also stays the same when rotated 180 degrees

Oh sure. Replace the home server over the weekend, today I have to head home early to diagnose an internet outage. Related? I hope not (but probably, with my luck)

Woo! @ballpointcarrot@social.ballpointcarrot.net is back up and running. Fresh install, sadly lost previous posts though. 😢

Tech recycle/update weekend continues. Picked up external hard drive enclosures for a couple of 1tb platters I had sitting in an old case.

Progress! Fedora 28 server installed, and pubkey authentication fixed and working.

(Damned folder and file permissions...)

So, out of the ashes...

I think I'm going to use this opportunity of the loss of my personal mastodon server to update / clean up / reimage my home server.

social.ballpointcarrot.net and related entities will likely be down for a while.


Anyone following @ballpointcarrot@social.ballpointcarrot.net : I managed to just destroy my existing DB as a result of attempting to update to Mastodon v2.5.0. I'm going to try to get something back up, but my db is hosed and the last backup was an embarrassingly long time ago.


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