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Okay - pardon my testing, but trying to see if I can get a message here populating on my personal mastodon install. I may have something broken with feed ingestion locally, so right now it's *very* quiet...

Well, managed to get a private Mastodon server up. Now I've gotta figure out how to add more subscriptions, in order to make the federated timeline useful (the local timeline of "me" isn't as useful).

Sitting in bed alone, worried about my wife who's in a hospital halfway​ across the country.

Alrightie, I wrote that "Welcome to Mastodon: Here's what's different and why it's better" article

big props to @Gargron and the crew on the webapp. This thing is choice.

@Gargron constantly surprised by all the little touches in here - just noticed the avatar's border hover animation on a user column. :thumbsup:

Well, trying to set up a local Mastodon install is delayed somewhat. We'll see what happens when I get home.

Trying to dig into the OStatus spec and/or related libraries. Want to see if there's a lightweight way to set up a social identity that interacts w/ other OStatus networks (like Mastodon). Seems overkill to launch Mastodon for a one-user implementation...

Traffic north of Seattle moving surprisingly quick today. Used to my current bus ride being more of a slog.

One positive to moving onto Mastodon in it's early stages: active dev talk. Probably less useful for the general population, but awesome to see what's interesting/needed talked about out in the open.

Also not putting in features that everyone hates, but 🙄

Ugh should have been in bed ages ago. Keeping me up, Mastodon.

I just realized. Wikileaks isn't on Mastodon.


So, debating value of using direct via, vs. setting up my own and federating.

Mastodon pros:
- Already done, no add'l setup
- don't have to import/export follow data (not that there's much yet)
- visibility problem? don't understand site federation.
- too many people on one site = bad.
Self-hosted pros:
- The whole idea of it being decentralized is that I don't have to rely on just one platform
- It becomes specifically mine
- work to set up and learn

@Gargron what are you currently hosting on? I'm honestly impressed with the responsiveness.

Wow - the realtime effect here is huge. Have fun all, off to choir.

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