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Paul Woolcock ♠️ @balrogboogie

I have Rob Zombie songs stuck in my head and I am very okay with this

Anyone else seen this before? It only seems to be from one account but all the notifications from that account have rtl text like this. @Support ?

The 4-year-old & I made a ship out of his Lego Space book today

@GinnyMcQueen mighty might bra-stones?

...i'll show myself out

@acw if you're going to canada, you better learn to love Tim Hortons 😉

I know we're a long way to go, but I wanted to let you know that I've added a tangible goal to my Patreon! at $500 I'm getting an AC unit for the home-office, because it's barely May and it's already getting too hot in here!!

I appreciate all the support i'm getting, and I'm kinda at a loss for words at how many of you appreciate the work I put in to working here at Mastodon <3

Thank you!

Yes, I’m sub-tooting. Not going to reduce the chatter to individual cases, because it is a systemic issue.

Handing the nerds the keys to the castle cannot be the alternative to corporate surveillance capitalism. As a demographic, we are too male, white, cis, straight and middle class to be good caretakers. Too young, too, by far, though that does not apply to me.

Current work situation:

I was given an additional month on my PiP after I talked with a lawyer and came forward about sexual harassment I had been experiencing. While this is a huge relief I'm still in jeopardy of losing my job and I think it's about time I move forward anyway. I'd appreciate any out reach if anyone has any connections in tech for more trans friendly environment in the Portland / Seattle area! If you contact me here I can send you a resume ASAP!

Please boost

@plsburydoughboy did...did you just accuse @Gargron of being a fed? geez, the Admin drama just keeps escalating 😉

"they’re Medium posts because they’re neither rare nor well done"

sorry I'm dead for the next 5 minutes, at least

@Nezchan these pesky prophecies never seem to think of the consequences to the rest of us. My 🍍 ☂ store is gonna take off, though