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Paul Woolcock ♠️ @balrogboogie

It is said, that when humanity's need is great, the Great Awoo will return to us and defeat the Trecherous Birbsite. All will be federated, and the 🍍 will fall from the sky

Toot Cafe is actually a real place. They make a mean 🍍 latte but don't, under any circumstances, ask for an awoo

@noelle good to hear, it's not safe to drive & toot ;-)

"We'll just do the 'foreign key' stuff in the app code since we're using a NoSQL db and can't do FKs" 😢



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@marykatefain @nicolasmaia I like the sentiment but fascist meat is notoriously rancid, toxic, and stringy

Triaging an issue: 3 minutes
Fixing a simple bug: 2 minutes
Replying to an email: 3 minutes
Picking a font for slides: 2 hours

REMINDER: The FCC is looking to overturn Net Neutrality, and is taking public comment about the proposal.

If you're in the US: Speak up!

@GinnyMcQueen ah, but do you keep silverware in the pancake drawer?

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Yeah, okay, I no longer believe is operating in good faith. Sorry.

I encourage anyone who questions my position on this to go through my timeline from today BEFORE they respond.

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@andlabs ugh, I hate that. Got bit by it once, but since then I've always remembered not to use `-G` without also adding `-a` :-/

We are still looking for Balkan developers or developers willing to consider relocating to the . Fun stuff, helping journalists do their jobs. Anybody interested?

HEY MASTODON: this May Day, consider supporting independent creators and queer literature by pre-ordering Tabula Idem, our fantastic queer-centric tarot-themed comic anthology!

We're actually only (as of this toot) *$1048 AWAY* from hitting our next stretch goal, which will net all artists involved in the project an extra $100! Only 26 hours left-- back now!

hey so, i just tested -- if you're in DMs and the conversation partner sets it to not-DM, you will automatically follow them into the new setting