Life update: I moved to downtown Manhattan last month. My new room is tiny, so my housemates & I built a loft bed from raw lumber.

I wrote down the story of why and how we built it. Read for NYC apartment hunting and move-in shenanigans.

Excerpts below:

In the post-covid summer of 2021, the Manhattan housing market had become a bloodbath. Almost every unit already had multiple rent applications. We took the first apartment that'd consider us.

My new room is tiny. Building a loft that elevates my bed would liberate my floor.


Zack ( designed the loft in CAD and his dad cut the pieces from Home Depot wood.

Zack told me he had to design around a random stripper's pole in my room.

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At a high level, our task was to join planks together with 2-inch cylindrical wooden blocks called dowels. I learned how to use a hammer and power drill to create holes for the dowels.

We got our first noise complaint as well. My bad!

While assembling the loft, we realized that one of the legs was slanted.

That was how we realized our apartment floor is slanted! Just like that one 'How I Met Your Mother' episode.

I’d always longed for the classic New York twenty-something experience.

Finally, after three weeks, we finished the loft. I now have space to work, do yoga, and host friends.

Huge thanks to,, and for the tireless woodworking.

Check out the post for more details and photos. If you enjoyed the essay, there's also an option to collect a limited edition NFT of it.

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