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RT is hiring a software engineer! you'll join our team to build systems and tools that work for 170,000+ asylum seekers. our ideal software engineer is versatile, thrives in a start-up environment, and is passionate about ASAP's mission.


My little brother only texts me when my crypto portfolio does well. 😾

The book is The Mythical Man-Month, which attempts to explain why "adding manpower to a late software project makes it later."

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Something that made me laugh today:

Fred Brooks called his book the Bible of Software Engineering because "everybody quotes it, some people read it, and only a few people go by it".

People say this a lot but I only experientially learned this recently:

In startups, making decisions quickly is way better than making the right decision slowly. The cost of delaying action is often worse than the cost of a wrong decision.

ah i'm learning from and that web2 was already what today's web is called. still, it is pretty smart to piggyback on this naming, as opposed to positioning it independent of any anchor.

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The associations grow stronger ever time the terms are used. This is an age-old trick of continental philosophy. "Poststructuralist”, “postmodernist”, etc.

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The genius of calling the movement “web3” is that it automatically classifies today’s tech as “web2”. Positioning today’s tech as backwards whilst positioning dApps as the inevitable future.

It is also very nice to visit bars and go through the TSA without lugging my passport around. A driver's license is much more convenient.😃

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This photo illustrates the rationale. I'm standing next to a road in Alaska.

I had to walk along it to get groceries. It was scary when vehicles zoomed past me at 50mph.

But it also shows a glimpse of how beautiful the nature is. I want to visit beautiful sites whenever I want.

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Passed my NY driving test 🎊

I've been a city & train person all my life (Singapore➡️ Manhattan). So why do I need to drive?

Well...trips around the US lately have made me feel helpless without a car. I want the independence to buy groceries, and the power to explore nature!

Took the New York driving test today, and didn't get my results immediately. I was told to wait till 6PM.

It turns out that New York is intentionally delaying results now because some people attacked the examiners when they found out they failed.

Bought iPhone 12 the day before iPhone 13 came out. Thought I shat the bed.

Thankfully, Apple automatically reduced the price. Great customer service.

I’m new to this so I might be naive.

It seems like NFTs can provide a lot of utility to the off-chain online world.

It is the ability to introduce (more) scarcity into digital assets that users already care a lot about. Could a Fortnite or a FallOut back their skins with NFTs?

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CC: The NFT experts and

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Are there examples of non-crypto organizations distributing NFTs to select users?

Example: gaming companies who want to give verifiably exclusive skins to users?

Are there philosophical or structural reasons not to?

Quick, fun read about the team I work with every day. 💫 There are more fun photos inside. (We're hiring!)


If you're curious how we got started, who we are and what it's like working at Warp, check out this piece from one of our engineers—Agata!

(😂 Yes...our designer Shikhiu photoshopped himself in.)


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