hey i wrote a userscript that finally fixes the GDQ schedule to know, like, the current time c.eev.ee/userscripts/gdq-sched

(needs greasemonkey or similar in firefox, might be directly installable in chrome? not sure? if not, needs tampermonkey) mastodon.social/media/GHle8Iv8

When adding JavaScript's new exponentiation operator, x ** y, they had to decide on its precedence, whether an expression like -2**2 would be parsed as -(2**2) or (-2)**2. After long debate, they chose... SyntaxError!

An unusual choice, but it's true that I don't have a clear expectation of which it would be, and would need to look it up if I saw it in code. Removing the potential for confusion in this specific case seems reasonable.


Stack Overflow has released a "Trends" tool, like Google Trends, showing the relative popularity of languages on Stack Overflow over time.

We can see that Python eventually pulled well ahead of its old rival Ruby:


"Building Mastodon to be frozen"


I'm thinking about how we can build archiving and preservation tools right into Mastodon — where the Fediverse presents some risk — and what other opportunities that might unlock.

Thinking about what it would take to allow people to use custom domains for their accounts, to be able to migrate underlying instances more easily... github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

"Unsupervised Creation of Parameterized Avatars"
by Lior Wolf, Yaniv Taigman, Adam Polyak

> Experimentally, our method is shown to solve the problem of automatically creating avatars.

For years there have been tools offering to turn your photo into an avatar, but they've all produced pretty lousy results.

This new machine learning approach isn't perfect, but it's getting there! Much better than past attempts. Impressive work.

(via @alexjc@twitter.com)

"My BBS Software From 1993" by @mmccaff
"The buzz around Mastodon’s federated social network has made me nostalgic about bulletin board systems in the early nineties..."

This stuff is so cool. I missed the BBS era, and though I've read lots about them before, the screenshots and explanation in this post gave me a much clearer sense for what using them would actually have been like. I'd like to have experienced it.

Blizzard has decided that these instant-captures in were getting a bit too silly. Going forward, you'll need to at least get one-third of the way towards capturing a point for it to count, otherwise it will be a draw again.

I thought it was kind of fun, and hoped people would get used to it, but this is probably the right move.


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Stack Overflow did an analysis on how language popularity varies between working and non-working hours:

tops the list as the language most frequently used outside of work, with ~51% of related traffic falling outside of 9-5 local time. A

At the other end we have , with only ~24% of traffic outside of 9-5.


StarCraft: Brood War is now free following patch 1.18. This is the largest patch in years, adding new multiplayer features, fixing compatibility with modern systems, and adding unicode support.

This is being done in advance of the release of the non-free intercompatible StarCraft: Remastered later this year.


"Unpaired Image-to-Image Translation using Cycle-Consistent Adversarial Networks"

or: "Hey look this program can convert horses to zeebras in a video! Machine learning is crazy!"


> 📝 Async iterators and generators are now in Chrome Canary! Here's how they work, and how to use them:
jakearchibald.com/2017/async-i by @jaffathecake

Wow! This has been talked about for a long time, but I'd started to lose hope that we'd ever see it in a browser. If you haven't seen the async iteration proposals, you should read this.

For a deeper discussion of related concepts, this talk is very good: youtu.be/2p51PE1MZ8U

A lot of players in-game aren't aware of the tiebreaking changes. In my last game the enemy team only captured 3% of point A and didn't realize how vulnerable this made them. In the next round I was able to flank to the point as Lucio and capture it uncontested for a twenty second win.

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I get that if an instance is "silenced", then its toots don't show up in the federated timeline, but I can still follow accounts there if I want and their toots will show up in my home timeline. Questions: can someone on such an instance pop up in my notifications by mentioning me? And if I look at a thread they've replied to, do I see the reply?

I really appreciate the new tiebreaking rules they added to in the latest patch. It's easier to get teammates to fight for a possibility of a win than fight for a tie, even if the challenge is steep. In my latest game, our team only got 14% towards capturing point A, but switched our picks and played carefully, and managed to hold them to 5% for a win. 😃


"Mighty Mouse" Demetrious Johnson's performance in the UFC event tonight was incredible. So patient: he never overcommitted, just gradually increased aggression as his opponent was worn down. He showed great agility on the ground, springing around like a gymnast whenever he was in a dangerous position.

I can't wait to see him break the title defense record, and see what he chooses to do next.

When he's not fighting, he's streaming games!

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