Chocula heart,and you're too late,honey,you give love to Batman.

Blap on blap,the Milvet Velley,Wilbet Bulgalby's dead.

"Here in the bed lie some pieces of bread.Sausage,tequila........WHOA!" - Glenn Danzig

"A.D,A.D,Living hell in Taco Bell.A.D.,A.D,Pizza Hut and Taco Bell." - Glenn Danzig

No matter what, you'll always say "what". Even if you say that,you'll still be saying "what".

Be a man,Hulk (C'mon don't be scurred,You're runnin' from Macho,that's what I heard.)

Now that the "This screen is really big and everything is loud" effect has worn off,The Predator is fucking awful.

The Predator was alright for what it was.I wasn't expecting Casablanca or something.

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