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Movie start time-6:40. Actual movie start time- 10:00.

"You've been a hologram for over 80 years."

I know The Predator's going to suck.I just don't have anything better to do.

Do nothing but play X-Com:EW for two or three days,then leave the house.You start viewing everyday objects as either partial-cover or full-cover.Guardrails,parked cars,etc.

I always said the one thing that would make me buy a Switch was a new Luigi's Mansion.Then I bought one anyway.Guess it worked out in the end.

Go on down to downtown to get down downtown.

They came to me as a hamster.A fucking hamster.

Late to the party,but I fucking love XCOM.

How did I become addicted to Jetpack Joyride again?

Going through all the stuff I haven't heard on here,how's that grab ya'?

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