Eventuell ist Mastodon nicht so gut darin Leuten zu sagen, dass man umgezogen ist. Also: ich bin jetzt als @barning zu finden und habe diesen Account weitergeleitet.

There is still my wish to join or create a regional (north germany) mastodon instance. But I don’t have the skills to host and maintain a server properly. And no @nocksock, I don’t want to use mastohost :D
Where should I start?

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Does Toad (or Yoshi) share his name with his whole species, or do they just don't have individual names? Both alternatives seem a bit unsettling. The whole Mario universe is full of cosmic horror.

After Cozmo, there is Vector now. It looks awesome. But Anki still doesn't deliver their kickstarter products to europe…

Maybe I am emotionally bonded to my car. Why? Because I hate driving cars but find it extreme useful to drive on every time I want.

Seit über drei Jahren mache ich den Podcast „Gefährliches Halbwissen“. Heute ist die 73. Folge erscheinen und ich finde es ziemlich verrückt. Wer hätte bei der ersten Folge gedacht, dass wir so weit kommen.

The air conditioning is killing me. My nose is completely blocked. But at least we have one in the office.

Today I swam in the lake for 40 minutes and my watch recorded it. What a time to be alive 🎉

And again, like every second Friday, I wonder if it’s a good idea to stream the podcast to YouTube instead of studiolink.
Maybe I should make baby steps with an audio only stream.

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Maybe this summer is the perfect training for my trip to Southeast Asia…

22 Uhr ist eine gute Zeit um laufen zu gehen. Die Temperatur hat den Tiefpunkt erreicht.

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