Hey friends! I moved instances over to @baronvonjace@elekk.xyz So follow that account for I won't be using this one anymore.

Got a question about Mastodon, maybe @Gargron can answer this. Who maintains the code for the instances. Like when a new features comes how how does everyone update? Is it up to the server admin to keep the instance up to date or is it automated so everyone can talk seamlessly with everyone

I've been on this site for over 24 hours now and I gotta say, I love you all. <3

Trying to set up an account over at elekk.xyz so I can hop instances but Ive not gotten my email conformation. I did use a non-Gmail address.

Bofa deez arms around you in a friendly hug to show you my love and support

I've never smoked pot in my teens. Maybe I wouldn't be so awkward if I did. Maybe I could have been cool.

55 gigs is going to take a loooong time to download over a 1 MBPS connection...

TBH I'm happy if 'influencers' bloggers and journalists are moaning about mastodon I'd rather not have them heeere

I need a new wardrobe thats not just graphic tees. I don't want to wear polo shirts because I'm not snobbish. Fashion is hard.

The smoke in California is making it really hot today.

Hmm maybe I'll walk to Staples and find a new pair of wireless headphones. Maybe grab a beer on the way home.

I have ONE IRL friend and they are always online but it takes them 3-5 days to reply to my "whats up" message...

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