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Bartłomiej Piotrowski

You know you're not one of the cool kids when patchwork means to you a tool for tracking patches and not some decentralized something something.

Has anyone managed to run Alpine/Arch on ? Does it sound like something worth pursuing?

Sad sign of the times: I have less than 70 feeds in my RSS reader after cleaning up blogs that were either inactive for over two years or broken (either author has hidden everything behind password, forgotten to pay for his domain, etc). At some point there will be no need to have Google Reader alternatives, because there will be nothing to read. Thanks Zuckerberg.

Breath of the Wild is the best Samurai Jack game we could ever get. (Except, like, one with Jack himself, but still good enough.)

Every time I visit my home town, I can't decide whether I feel a longing, disgust or resentment.

Day 8, Motorola still haven't decided to take my Moto G5 with swollen battery to fix or replace it, although for at least 6 days they agree to do so. Practically I spent over 900PLN for a brick.

Also on the other news, Arch, with my hands, deprecated i686. There are still small things to do but expect no upgrades on your 32-bit installations, and better migrate to

Funny to think that being optimized for i686 was the selling point of Arch ages ago, while x86_64 was the community port.

Spent the weekend trying to figure out WireGuard and why I can't connect to a server. Turns out it can't make a magically automatic mesh network (yet?) like cjdns does, so yay for wasting time. (But besides, looks really neat for regular VPN use case, just needs NetworkManager integration and hitting mainline kernel, of course.)

@dwaltiz BTW, wiesz może gdzie bywa mariossjex czy zaginął w internetach?

But it pays the bills. I guess I shouldn't be complaining? Sigh.

Or maybe the issue is that I'm not doing anything remotely creative and constantly end up solving problems that were fixed already, but customers pay for it regardless? Still, it doesn't really have good effect on my mental health.

Seriously thinking about retraining. Doing something related to hobby but for money was a mistake or I simply burned out.

Either way, this climate sucks. Half of summer is gone and I can only recall a week and a half worth of days that could be called "summer".

As much as I love how fast Chrome is on Android, I can't stand the lack of adblocker. Whatever I search for, I keep seeing advertisements unrelated to what I could be interested in. Just because I looked for Logitech receiver for friend, doesn't mean I need one. Anyway, hello Firefox.

The situation in #Poland is rapidly degenerating. With a surprise vote held yesterday the ruling party can now control the Supreme Court, thus effectively ending the rule of law in Poland after 25 years. I'm afraid there's no way of solving this withouth resorting to the good ole Kalashikov.

@kyzh Finished watching news from today... No word about Poland being sued over logging in Białowieża. Changes in judiciary law depicted to imply that the way the bar currently operates is to close cases that are uncomfortable to politicians from opposition. A section on building gov-supported flats for people who can't afford renting or buying one (because money grows on trees). No mention about new fuel tax to fill budget hole after introducing 500+ handout. *sighs*

Please join me in welcoming Arch that bravely enters 2006 by almost having SSP and PIE enforced (just in testing now). Next goals: enforcing full RELRO, backporting -fstack-check when it actually gets fixed and full repository rebuild with all these features.

Dear Mastodonians: in case you missed it, Matrix has hit a major bump in funding and we're asking for folks to support us via Patreon/Liberapay. If you believe in a world of decentralised real-time messaging/VoIP/VR/etc, then now would be an *amazing* time to help out!!

MY HOBBY: mispronouncing pun-based names and properly pronouncing complicated foreign names (like Polish ones).