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@kyzh So much this. Unfortunately any national TV or radio stations are literally impossible to consume due to this.

@barthalion (I see mostly stuff from poland through social media, so 'bubbles + bias' applies here.)

Do you also see the same topic, done the same way, with the same perspective in US/UK/PL/FR?

The same controversy appears and spread around, same arguments etc...

@kyzh I specifically stopped to watch/listen anything gov-related because of bullshit overload. If a news is about local politics, it's most likely about bashing the opposition or tell how awesome everything is. If international – it's usually about whining how bad EU wants us to take refugees (or rather, rapists and thieves as they try to show).

Bartłomiej Piotrowski @barthalion

@kyzh Seriously 500 chars is not enough to say how fucked it is. So for example on the day that Macron has mentioned sanctions against Poland, national news broadcast was talking how old his wife is. I will force myself to watch this again tomorrow to give you something more fresh… but that won't be easy for me to handle, trust me.

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