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Bartłomiej Piotrowski @barthalion

Also on the other news, Arch, with my hands, deprecated i686. There are still small things to do but expect no upgrades on your 32-bit installations, and better migrate to

Funny to think that being optimized for i686 was the selling point of Arch ages ago, while x86_64 was the community port.

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@barthalion and alpine is still offering x86 until at least 2020

@kaniini It's a pity. I stumbled upon Alpine because I needed something for my i586 thinclient. I guess the plan is to focus more on containers and servers now (seeing s390x as supported platform)?

@barthalion i think there is still focus on x86 embedded too.

one of the goals of adelie (an alpine derivative) is to eventually actually deliver on a universal OS.