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Bartłomiej Piotrowski @barthalion

Day 8, Motorola still haven't decided to take my Moto G5 with swollen battery to fix or replace it, although for at least 6 days they agree to do so. Practically I spent over 900PLN for a brick.

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@barthalion I guess Motorola aren't even interested in profiting from the demands for mobile devices by public/emergency services in your country (which is likely to become a significant thing in the future) if they can't service their customers properly (even though it might be a "consumer" item few people know of of make the difference between the Motorola that (google?) own and the division selling public service comms, and you are probably one of PL's top tech folk..

@vfrmedia Honestly I start to think they have become very niche in PL over last 2 years. It's my second smartphone from them and previously I had to replace battery and microphone once; each took two e-mails and 3 working days, including delivery time.

Apparently it's my last Motorola anyway, although given worsening quality of consumer hardware in general (unless I spent over 25% of my monthly salary), absolutely no idea what I'm going to choose next time.

@barthalion TBH I've not seen Motorola smartphones in the UK that often either (they are actually made by Lenovo at present). The company making the emergency service/professional comms is Motorola Solutions which is now totally split from the consumer mobile division.

They do make LTE terminals but those are not going to be cheap, assuming a civillian customer can even buy one in the first place..