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Bartłomiej Piotrowski @barthalion

Looking forward to firing up a build server this weekend to add to the build brigade.

It's amazing to see how a community is organizing behind Flatpak. We've done a lot of work on it from a bunch of different angles. Contributors from every major distro, desktop, toolkit, etc.

Fantastic, and growing, Safety story, best incremental update I've seen of any platform, and build tooling that makes it easy to build new apps.

And the technology behind it... It's unbelievably well done.

🎶 Spider-Man, Spider-Man
Let's tell his origin story again
It's been what, five years now
Since the last time we milked that cow
Thank God
For your attention span
Your short attention spaaaaaaaaaan 🎶

@garbados I've filed cryptocurrencies in the same bucket as hydroponics, vaping, cell-phone repair, and head shops: there's lilely something useful in there but you have to dig past the dudebros and douchebags in order to find the nuggets of good stuff. And a lot of them are just clueless folks trying to make a quick buck before the bubble fades.

In which Slack and traffic signal replace human interaction, because "hey, you're making too much noise and I'm working" is hard and that cute webscale AWS Lambda function is awesome after all /s:

@kyzh Yeah, it's almost like fishing. I'm too lazy to change the instance though (at least yet).

@rkarabut Although from the time perspective, I had a tendency to skip entire paragraphs and going back only if next part didn't make sense. I guess I enjoy words more now.

@rkarabut I miss these days. I never got back to this speed after going to high school.

@stitchxd What makes you think Mastodon cannot handle this as well?

@stitchxd @sda @Gargron GS doesn't interface SSL directly either, and it's almost never a good idea to let the application handle it.

Debugging networking isn't anything pleasant but at least it's doable, there is always some unhappy switch or wrong MTU. But WiFi is being left out in the complete darkness with arms and legs tied and a plastic bag on the head. Best Friday ever.

I also suspect that 3DS is secretly optimized for chibi. There cannot be any other reason

Disappointed by Metroid 2 remake announcement. What happened to using awesome 2D sprites instead of shitty 3D models that look like from the first Unity tutorial one can find? This is the problem of lots of 3DS games: Rune Factory 4 or Story Of Seasons also look like final assignment in high school.

I keep clicking boost randomly. Enjoy.

@sri @bashfulrobot I pretty much stay on .social only because there is no easy way to migrate. IMHO it's way too noisy here, even with language filters on.

So what is the reason of new users wave this time?

Huge problem with Matrix is that 1) search works worse than on JIRA/Confluence (impossible is nothing) 2) I can't figure out a feasible way of having textual logs without running my own server.