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Bartłomiej Piotrowski

I keep clicking boost randomly. Enjoy.

So what is the reason of new users wave this time?

Huge problem with Matrix is that 1) search works worse than on JIRA/Confluence (impossible is nothing) 2) I can't figure out a feasible way of having textual logs without running my own server.

Meanwhile on /r/3ds, someone asks for a game with memorable plot and likeable characters. Beats me how Bravely Default fits there, with story and characters that I have seen at least 10 times since I first played on NES.

Apparently language filtering is a thing now. I'm completely behind what is being added in the new releases.

Either became incredibly popular in Iran or spam is getting serious.

Trying not to break my phone during screen replacing IS HARD.

What Mastodon app do people use on Android nowadays?

Someone has brought up Code of Conduct proposal for Alpine. Funny to see the effort. The best part:

> "Your work sucks" is fine while "you suck" isn't.

Well, no, but I'm nobody of importance anyway, at least according to the author.

Not sure if I want to buy a replacement for broken digitizer and a heat gun for almost half of what this phone is worth now…

Official deprecation of ABS (as in rsync service) is slowly coming in Arch. I moved alternative tool named asp to [extra] recently; prepared infra changes today. Pretty much only writing a news draft with some date is left.

I was thinking about hacking my 3DS but realized I have absolutely no need for any homebrew.

5 more packages available at : Frozen Bubble, TuxPuck, BlockOut 2, Pingus and FreeCiv.

I want to install ipython on Fedora. Fedora wants to install Phonon, node.js, TexLive, ZeroMQ and PyQt4 as dependencies. For a fancier Python REPL.

This shit is literally why I can't stand using this distribution for longer than couple of weeks.

Writing a little mini gnome-shell extension again and marvelling at how it's completely undocumented what extensions can do, how they do it, what's permitted and what isn't, what's supported and what isn't. Sigh, etc.

Tempted to run own instance but I can already feel the failure given lack of free time.

Also sorry for these random new lines in the previous two toots. I cannot into gedit.