Soooooo – I don't want to spoil this for everyone, but how is federation gonna work if is the only central hub where people will search for your known handle?

The benefit of a central platform like Twitter is that there can be no other @bascht accounts, once I registered and verified myself. Messages from @bascht and @bascht look indistinguishable to me:

The problem probably wouldn't exist if everyone would operate their own GNUSocial instance, which won't happen. It _could_ work if I'd have to verify myself with something like Keybase / a personal domain.

@hidden It's not so much a question of UI as of trust. So far I've seen at least two nick names I know from Twitter that are now completely different persons – they signed up earlier and grabbed the name. I know that this is a "feature" of the federation but I think this will cause quite some confusion.

@bascht @bascht I really think for this to work, mastodon/GNUsocial will need to become easily self hostable, like wordpress, then we will find people through their domains. *personal 2 cents*

@eylul yup. That's about the only thing I can image. But then it'd be about as "decentralised" as E-Mail. And people rarely host their own mail servers anymore, let alone want to pay for something like E-Mail. But I'm with you on that. :)

@bascht @bascht @eylul much akin to Email. That's what I think of when I think of federated systems that work.

@ryanleesipes @bascht @bascht exactly! I really expect businesses or even those of us who maintain their blogs etc, to host their own instances if mastodon (and with it GNUsocial) really picks up. :) We do need one-click installs and managed hosting for it to get there through. This is too new. (this iteration at least) :)

@bascht @bascht @eylul well @elopio is working on snapping up so that folks hosting on Ubuntu can do "snap install Mastodon" and be done (may be a slight oversimplification). But that should make things a little easier.

@ryanleesipes @elopio @bascht @bascht I know I would attempt it if there is a snap (with good default configs) but I think down the line we really need managed hosting, like we do with wordpress etc. :)

@eylul @elopio @bascht @bascht yeah, maybe there is a business opportunity there! *hint* *hint* *nudge* *nudge*

@bascht @bascht I actually typed in the long identifiers - the UI ate them, I swear! :joy:

@jacmoe :D Yup. Same happened to me. I was wondering about the same issues back when I was on Quitter and so far none of the implementations solves it in a proper way. GNUSocial handles nick names in the same way:

@bascht That's a logic error in my opinion, but it would require the 'engine' to parse each message, searching for instances where short usernames is the same but on different domains..
Too expensive?
But it is probably needed, since the only thing that really uniquely identifies us is our fully qualified username username@instance

@jomo @bascht That's not so much of an answer if anyone on any network can create an account with my name, and my profile picture and just start to troll away. And the UI itself doesn't really help with that:

@bascht people shouldn't believe any given internet user is the person they claim to be, unless that person has confirmed they're that user. (which is what mastodon-bridge tries to do, or keybase if you like it more decentralized)

PS: Mastodon shows the full ID of the author, and also when you hover over mentions

@jomo Yup, but imagine Mastodon / GNUSocial really taking off and being adopted in the mainstream. I do not want to hover over every account to check if it's a legit account, or an imposter. :)
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