@moritzheiber @bitboxer huch. Verdammt. Das hat leider nicht notifiziert. 😐

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@gil Jip, genau. UI der Website ist für mich super, nur auf mobile ist es super durcheinander & die Tablet UI ist nur eine aufgeblasene Phone UI. :D

Bin mittlerweile bei Inoreader & überlege ob ich wieder ein Jahr verlängere. Alternativen sind alle eher so mau. Eventuell noch TinyTinyRSS, das läuft auf meinem Uberspace noch treu vor sich hin.

@gil ich auch nicht. Meinen Account gerade mal wieder aktiviert um zu schauen ob die Android App immer noch so gruselig ist. :blobcatcoffee:

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Kiwix is a free open app that lets you view Wikipedia, Project Gutenberg, StackExchange etc offline.

It's intended for people who cannot access a reliable internet connection, either for geographical or political reasons.

You can find out more here:


You can follow it on the Fediverse here:


It's available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Firefox and Chrome.

#Kiwix #Wikipedia #StackExchange #ProjectGutenberg #OffTheGrid

@Purism <3 – sooooo… how long would shipping to Europe take? 😁

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Eben wieder das wunderbare Skript zum Konvertieren von Videos in animierte Gifs von @bascht neu installiert.

Glücklicherweise hatte ich in mein Blog getippt wie ich es das letzte Mal gemacht habe: depone.net/2016/03/01/video-in

Falls Du also auch ab und Bildschirmaufnahmen für GitHub brauchst, kann ich das Skript nur empfehlen.

@bitboxer @moritzheiber IMO going down the Nomad route means you'll pay off the price difference with your own working hours. Good if K8s doesn't cut it for your use case but not recommended if you want to just quickly get stuff done.

@bitboxer @moritzheiber give it a few more months and the CSI driver might be a viable option to get non volatile storage for databases and other kinds of stateful sets. Been test-driving it for a client currently and it looks promising.


this tutorial is a good starting point:


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programming hot take 

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RT @tmcw@twitter.com
i worked in the mapping industry for long enough to understand that routing is a hard problem.

but that's no excuse for google maps still being half-assed about multimodal. its inability to integrate public transit, walking, and cycling is an active harm to cities and people.

On the off chance there are any Rubyists from Munich around here:

There is a RubyShift user group coming up this week:


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Do you know any clients for Mastodon which are working for visually impaired people (with screenreading technics)?

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Author Robin Sloan:

> Email is definitely not ideal, but it is: decentralized, reliable, and not going anywhere—and more and more, those feel like quasi-magical properties.


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