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i worked in the mapping industry for long enough to understand that routing is a hard problem.

but that's no excuse for google maps still being half-assed about multimodal. its inability to integrate public transit, walking, and cycling is an active harm to cities and people.

On the off chance there are any Rubyists from Munich around here:

There is a RubyShift user group coming up this week:

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Do you know any clients for Mastodon which are working for visually impaired people (with screenreading technics)?

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Author Robin Sloan:

> Email is definitely not ideal, but it is: decentralized, reliable, and not going anywhere—and more and more, those feel like quasi-magical properties.

Time to bring the good news to the Fediverse 💎

We're organising another edition of our Ruby on Ice Conf from February 22nd to 24th.

There's a great speaker lineup and the best bavarian food you can get. (that counts for the vegan options as well!)

Though Tegernsee is quite expensive, check our website for travel recommendations. The Venue is weelchair-accessible, if you need any other assistance: Talk to us!

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Für eure heutige WTF-Dosis: dieses Pixie-Buch für Kinder ist wirklich so bizarr wie es erscheint. Mama wird gerügt wegen Ad-Blockern, weil Papa mit Internetwerbung Geld verdient. Auf der letzten Seite Werbung für AdBlock Plus. Kannste dir nicht ausdenken.

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Chrome is now hiding "trivial" subdomains in the URL bar (www[.]domain[.]com shows only domain[.]com ). This is plain wrong, and buggy as hell :/

@Thegcat und es fehlt noch eine metrische Tonne Zucker.

@bitboxer @ganzefolge Ein guter Test dafür sind Urlaub / Elternzeit / längere reguläre Abwesenheiten. Wenn dann schon Sachen runter fallen ist es ein gutes Warnsignal für Silobildung.

@vinzv I could stare at those nice anti-aliased curves all day long. :D

@rixx My default go-to Mix is the Expressway Mixtape of Russ Chimes. Not sure if that's your kind of Music though. :)

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