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fragmenting myself even *more* thoroughly among instances so i can be more relevant to the instance's interests seems way too exhausting for me

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We now have a custom emoji for the superiour siege weapon: :trebuchet:

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TIL there is a dialect of Racket that compiles to the Ethereum virtual machine.......... called Pyramid Scheme.

This is wonderful.

H/T @enkiv2 and @drwho

Any following recommendations?
My feed is still sparse compared to Twitter.

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Is your #Redmine secure? We've launched a free tool to check your Redmine server:

Beep beep. Is this thing still relevant? 😄

The problem probably wouldn't exist if everyone would operate their own GNUSocial instance, which won't happen. It _could_ work if I'd have to verify myself with something like Keybase / a personal domain.

Soooooo – I don't want to spoil this for everyone, but how is federation gonna work if is the only central hub where people will search for your known handle?

The benefit of a central platform like Twitter is that there can be no other @bascht accounts, once I registered and verified myself. Messages from @bascht and @bascht look indistinguishable to me:

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