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I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but there absolutely _needs_ to be a federated version of GitHub/GitLab.

Let me host my projects' critical infrastructure (issue tracker, PRs, private repos etc) on my own servers, while also being able to interact and socialize with the rest of the open source world.

I'll keep saying this until someone builds it - I would do it myself if I had enough time on my hands right now.

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By a curious chain of events, I find myself a Red Sox fan for a month. This is not where I wanted to end up.

I'm not sitting here watching the world turn; you know I'd rather spin it.

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The floor really is lava. Every kid in the world had been practicing for this day their entire lives.

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The mastodon stages:

1: getting used to the interface

2: discovering that most people are just people, engaged in everyday adventures, big & small

3: the allure of the notification sound

4: a gradual getting used to the fact that not everything is about US politics, and that it's okay to filter it out on a macro level

5: a quiet moment when you think "there can still be poetry in this world"

6: some sort of reconciliation with the quantum magic that is the federated timeline

7: pineapples

Kate Gregory's "It's Complicated" talk on C++ -

This is just me fishing for where the hackers on are on Mastodon. Expect Go, Ruby, and Python posts to soon follow.


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