The current most urgent threat is the one that is most directly enmeshed with physical, chemical and biological processes. It will be resolved not just with changes in laws and attitudes but will require massive, rapid changes in the way all of us interact with the physical world we inhabit.

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If we try to meet this threat simply as individuals we will fail. Global civilization will end in the lifetimes of our children, our grandchildren or our great-grandchildren.

If we do not urgently address this threat we will not have the time to reap the benefits of any other economic, social or moral improvements we manage to achieve.

We need a 21st-century form of revolution...
not the 19th-century sort of violent confrontation with power in the streets
so much as the organized, mutual, collective undertaking of rapidly examining and altering the values and assumptions that have been inculcated in us, progressively, over centuries, and have rendered us so individualistic that we have lost most of our ability to act communally with solidarity.

We need to collectively, deliberately develop forms of community
* small enough that each member can know and care about each other,
* purposive enough that its members are motivated to inform themselves and each other about what needs to be done and then organize to do it
* inter-connected enough that perspectives are not merely local, fit within larger understandings and efforts
This approach doesn't guarantee success but it is our only hope.

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