Since the late 19th century the world has seen several threats to the continued existence of global civilization.
Two of these were world wars, which took terrible tolls but did *not* end global civilization.
The crypto-theologically inclined, believing in inexorable historical progress, have tended to conclude that the world, overall and despite some glitches, is in most ways *better* than it was.
This tends to be the belief of economists and the privileged. Others have doubts. 🧵

Another big threat to the continued existence of global civilization has been nuclear conflict. It has been (indefinitely) avertable and (so far) averted because a relatively small number of people have managed to exercise enough restraint. The crypto-theologically inclined have concluded (emotionally, if not propositiionally) that nuclear catastrophe is no longer a significant prospect.


Well, damn! By deleting and re-drafting I seem to have screwed up my thread!

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