@bastianallgeier I‘m only on a second one, @toot.cafe (and just to claim my name there for now. Any recommendations?

@benjaminfritz @bastianallgeier How does it actually work with multiple accounts? I still use the analogy to mail addresses. You don't really need multiple ones, unless you want to prove that you belong to a certain org/domain. In Mastodon speak, is there a way to claim multiple identities under one meta account?

@preslavrachev @bastianallgeier There‘s always the local timeline on an instance where you have the option to communicate with likeminded people that share the same interests but who you wouldn’t have met otherwise because you don’t follow each other. That’s definitely an advantage of multiple instances.

@bastianallgeier There is a very important Github issue open for this reason where the developers discuss ideas on how to support account migration in the best possible way.

The issue was posted firstly on November 22 2016 and it doesn't look like there is a consensus on how to deal with this as of yet.


@bastianallgeier I've setup accounts on most of them. They have a "I'm on a different instance" setting, eg: mastodon.technology/@mattmcman

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