It took me a while to point my finger on why I’m excited that more and more people give Mastodon a chance. When I joined Twitter more than 10 years ago, I didn’t understand it, but gave it a chance. It turned into a beautiful community of friends. I was blown away by the effect it had on my career and professional network. over the years. Then it turned into a shitshow. Pretty parallel to how the world seemed to grow more negative every day. (1/x)


I have to confess that it also had a very negative effect on how I saw the future of the web and our community and that grew worse and worse, because it felt like there’s not much to do about it. Mastodon might not necessarily be the solution to all that. But it gives me hope that things can get more positive and inspiring again.

@bastianallgeier it all depends on how the larger public adopts Mastodon. Unfortunately, that may also very well be the very source of Twitter’s woes.

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