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Just calculated that I weigh as much as 2.7 liters of solid osmium.

the new gw2 update is absolutely nuts
starts normal, then flies off the rails like a glorious mad choo choo train

protagonist: *gains insight from experience and courage from social bonds*

me: sounds fake but ok

comedy idea:
trap door in the floor that explodes and blasts you into space, riding the door

mum: oh, btw i got pringles
me *swallowing*: you had pringles

i'm at my mother's place and i don't have my own account on this computer

What The boosted

was at the food place waiting for my order standing around like a new character waiting for my name

*after completing the task of purchasing a new trash can for my kitchen*
bin there, done that

got a sweater slightly draped over one shoulder and arm

that's how you do this, right?

might fuck around later and modify some organic materials via controlled heat

Excuse me, sir, but may I request that the shit not be so banging?

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