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Just calculated that I weigh as much as 2.7 liters of solid osmium.

results of last week's training program
second one has a bite out because something else was there and I am bad at planning

outdoor garden-like projects should probably not be started in october, right before the world's deathlike slumber

What The boosted
What The boosted

~ thyat hash dwained my wife so wow ~
~ cwoze youw eyesh an shee te shkiesh awe fawwin ~

- qweensh of te shtone awge

when you say "orders of magnitude" i feel you should specify in which base

because 2 orders in binary is like just 4 times

album finished and accidentally transitioning into this and now I must feel my guilty pleasure

ok im not saying youtube is wrong per se with the first result (it's right) but it could be a little less eager

i watched the black mirror ep where the PM has to fuck a pig and its a big special forces & cyber hunt and I'm like, surely there is more to the show than this lowkey police stuff?

and i would give

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