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Just calculated that I weigh as much as 2.7 liters of solid osmium.

I am so organized, I have a pics/meme/ folder from which I can quickly retrieve an appropriate response

the rain is wafting diagonally as if someone's faking it on a movie set

i recently learned that we created pidgeons, like we created bananas and broccoli

this day keeps getting better and better. just found out someone told my other large adult son, geoffrey, about national liberation, and his dick fell off. now i have to glue it back on, and it's really fucked up looking

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cutting off a cube's opposite corners gives you the d8 from hell

what are yall talking about

post about your plants or something

my todo list currently has an item that says "play drongs and anal fills"

I guess at least *I* know what it means

My body has been extended with a high-tech artificial component that is detachable at-will


hey programmers, how do you comment your code? use this accurate poll that contains no strong opinions

GW2 slight lewd 

a placeable "dragon bash" bad dragon dildo, that is affected by bobblehead

come play guild wars 2, a grand fantasy adventure game where you can-- euh...

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