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Just calculated that I weigh as much as 2.7 liters of solid osmium.

tip: interacting with friends is good

ok i got into the first ep of critical role

they're... long

New blog post: When Visual Chatbot is wrong, it just keeps digging itself a hole.
Visual Chatbot is so much fun.

One of the things that's the hardest to get across to people who only play video games, and haven't worked in the dev side or gone deep diving into a game's assets, is that the continuing inflation of game size is almost solely due to texture, normal and bump mapping.
The program itself is essentially a text file, a 3D model is just a series of points in space with an x,y and z value. A model with a million vertices being smaller than one 2048x2048 texture isn't out of the question at all.

my entire goddamn steam wishlist of 2 items is half price

"hot females" but pronounced like "hot tamales"

language tip: pronounce "medium" with the same stress as "museum"

flexbox is an opaque and crappy standard but I am finally saved

what's that image again where there's a progression of lucky charms packaging over the years and the last few are insane corruptions

so "a duck what wears boots" becomes EEND MET LAARZEN AAN

aren't yall glad for this lesson