At least, in this time of division and anger, we can unite over the fact that we all, regardless of race or party or religion, have The Wellerman stuck in our heads now.

@gamehawk i'm sorry to say I have no idea what The Wellerman is.. :blobcatpeek:

@batterpunts @zatnosk Oh, the "gentle thiccness" guy! That may actually be the first version I heard.

I am endlessly surprised at the number of bass and baritone guys using those inline mics. I would not have expected them to have decent quality but apparently some do.

@gamehawk yeah i have a real old shitty one but everyone on online Dnd says I have the best audio?!

@batterpunts Every time I move with one of those the cable makes it go "SHWFFFFFF" in everyone's ear (which okay, partially is why they all hold them) so I have never really paid attention to the overall sound quality.

@gamehawk it adds shanty atmosphere with the wave crashing sounds

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