I was in bathroom this noon. A little monkey showed up from somewhere. He was just a baby. I thought maybe his mother was somewhere nearby. Few minutes after strolling, he left. I didn't think much, I thought he went to his mother.
Again in afternoon, I saw him, sitting on our neighbour's boundary wall, looking confused! That's when it occurred to me that, something's wrong!

I was bloody sure, he is lost! I was about to call our local Forest Range Office. When my father told me that, yesterday aforementioned office's people were looking for him.
I was kinda relieved.
In the evening I was just roaming around in our neighborhood, I went to the office to ask about the status of the little monkey.

I was surprised as well as kinda happy, to see that, the monkey was on the rooftop of one of their small building. Peoole there, were "kind of" trying to catch the monkey!


I was totally disappointed to see the method they were using to catch him, it was just ludicrous!
They were , just placing a banana, and as expected the monkey came down, took the banana & ate it, sometime even he didn't feel the need to go up, and just ate it there.

And the people? They just stood there!

I just thought, what the hell you guys catch him, or maybe throw a net or something.
What were they expecting? He would come down and hoist a white flag!

And the sad part - people of our neighborhood were shouting, beat him, beat him, beat him to death.

I felt disgusted of their mentality and just left the scene.

Each and every life matters, doesn't matter shape size or color.

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