enjoy this Russian meme that I think basically translates to “sight of cat, grace of potat”, every time I look at it it gets a bit funnier

@bb_almond Everything about this is so pure and wonderful.

@bb_almond they should stop using that dumb joined up writing where a т looks like an м

@bb_almond I believe it's more like "The gaze of a cat, the grace of a potat"

@AshaBlue ty! I don’t understand Russian to I took the only translation I saw lol

@bb_almond here's a fish that can't read meme

he's saying "i can't do it"

there are... a weird amount of these pictures of fish looking at books and being confused and they're all very relatable


the translation i found with it:

- you think people are ready for contact with us?
- let’s try their drinks
- wow l i q u i d

@xyzzy @bb_almond I don’t know what this is but I can’t stop thinking about it

@xyzzy @bb_almond i just learned about "А как тебе такое, илон маск" and my life is now better

@MissPavlichenko @xyzzy ragging elon musk is 10x better when done in Russian imo

@hanny I s2g I can’t look at it for too long cos I burst out laughing every time

sounds like a spell.
"Sight of cat, grace of potato
Sight Of Cat, Grace Of Potato

@bb_almond according to my local Russian speaker, you're thinking exactly right.

@bb_almond My Kazakh friend whose first language is Russian said it means something like "The look of a cat, the grace of a potato," and that "cat" and "potato" rhyme in Russian.

@Robby someone else has pointed this out also! but said this translation means you don’t lose the humour so much

@bb_almond why you trollin me what have i done to you
(second half: literal translation, but the implication is: "i did nothing bad to you, wtf")

@bb_almond and the words for cat and potato are spelled intentionally slightly wrong, as required by that meme subgenre (here's my translation of the most famous one in that style)

@niko_in_the_woods hahah yes I’ve been informed! I love how the internet has made misspellings of words funny regardless of your native language

@bb_almond more like "gaze of the cat", the cat looking at something/someone, not you looking at the cat

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